A potted history of our founding, development and future aims

Cricket Club

The earliest newspaper reports of Thornhill Cricket Club matches can be found from 1887 when the club moved to their present grounds at The Combs. There are even reports in that year of a ladies cricket match being played. In 1889 the club underwent the first of its major name changes to Thornhill Cricket and Lawn Tennis Club when tennis was first introduced. It appears tennis did not survive very long as the club changed its name to its current Thornhill Cricket and Bowling Club in 1909 when crown green bowling became part of the club.


Through the following years the club has made a number of developments and introduced various additional sporting sections including football and tennis. Although the name of the club has remained the same we still retain bowls, cricket, football and tennis as active sporting sections of the club. More recent ground developments include the tennis courts built in 1994 and a land fill reclaim upon which football fields have been prepared approximately 10 years ago. Thornhill Cricket and Bowling Club is seen by many in the local area as being the hub of the local community. We try to encourage and maintain that important status by ensuring our array of facilities is available for as many as possible to enjoy. We feel we have a responsibility to make sure, therefore, that our facilities are not just maintained but improved upon as we are able. We have recently obtained charitable status as a Community Amateur Sports Club under number CASC 04394.

Future Aims

The following is a direct quote from the report as chairman presented to last year’s AGM and I believe sums up adequately our future aims: “One of the most important things about all our sporting activity is that we continue to encourage, develop, support and keep our junior members. All our sections need to encourage and maintain a strong presence of little people who should be seen as the future and continuing success of this club.”