Thornhill Bowling Section

Welcome to Thornhill’s Bowling Section. For many years bowling has been an integral part of the Club with many members being able to learn, enjoy and develop with the sport. The amazing thing about bowling is not only the social interaction with others, but also the health benefits for those who may not be able to enjoy other, more aggressive sports. We pride ourselves on our set up here at Thornhill Cricket and Bowling, with beautiful surrounds and a challenging, decent sized green.

Thornhill CBC enter a range of leagues in the local area, covering a variety of skill levels:
Heavy Woollen Afternoon League – Played on Mondays Afternoons
Mirfield League – Played on Tuesday evenings
Heavy Woollen Evening League – Played on Wednesday Evenings
Ossett and Horbury League – Played on Thursday evenings
Heavy Woollen Parks League – Played on Saturday Afternoons
Wakefield Saturday League – Played on Saturday Afternoons

The bowling sport is moving forward with technology and with the introduction of Bowlsnet you are now able to search a range of options from fixtures, averages and competitions on their website – However, for our specific leagues please see the below links:
Heavy Woollen Afternoon League –
Mirfield League – Played on Tuesday evenings –
Heavy Woollen Evening League –
Ossett and Horbury League –
Heavy Woollen Parks League –
Wakefield Saturday League –

For Thornhill’s fixtures please click on the fixtures tab at the top of the leagues homepage

How to get into bowls
Now more than ever, there are many ways in which you can get into bowls! Thornhill are proud to introduce new members via family, friends and other sporting members meaning homegrown talent. There are several ways in which you can enjoy the sport and sometimes all it takes is coming down to watch a game. Our bowling members are happy to speak with people interested in getting involved. We also have a Bowler/Non bowler competition (Usually on the August Bank Holiday) which aims to give people a chance to play the sport, whilst being accompanied by a bowling member teaching them the basics. Bowling is an open age sport so anyone and everyone can come and learn the sport! For the juniors we have specialist bowls which they can practice with and again can start to understand the basics of Crown Green Bowling. Do check out the following websites to learn more about how to get into bowls:

To find out more about how to join the bowling section and become a sporting member, please fill out the following Sporting Membership Enquiry form. Being a sporting member entitles you to all the member benefits listed on the main page!

Upcoming Events
Most of our leagues have now started, therefore there will most likely be matches at Thornhill Cricket and Bowling on the following days:
* Monday Afternoons
* Tuesday Evening (Bye weekly)
* Thursday Evening
* Saturday Afternoons
Do check out bowlsnet for confirmation of fixtures and matches!

Horbury Old Merit Competition – On Sunday 14th May 2023, the bowling section are holding their first internal competition! A lovely goblet trophy with an amazing history behind it


Men’s Spring Open Individual Merit (Sunday 26th March 2023) – We start our season by having 2 open competitions and letting other bowlers from different clubs play on our green. This years competition was won by Michael Sweeney (Crossland Moor) who beat Noel Whittaker (Ossett Cricket) 21-13

Ladies Spring Open Individual Merit (Sunday 2nd April 2023) – We always say that bowling is an open sport and it is great to see the ladies getting involved and progressing the sport further. This year’s Ladies competition was won by Emma Tobin (Rothwell) beating Chloe Hirst (Hove Edge) 21-13. Both of these ladies have come from a junior background and are both under 30!

Safeguarding – Crown Green Bowling is open to anyone of any age, therefore the section has the relevant safeguarding procedures in place to protect our members

Take a look! Check out the following pictures of our Bowling Green and surroundings! 

Thornhill Open Pairs October 2022.

Mens Spring Individual Merit March 2023.

Ladies Spring Individual Merit 2023.

Ladies Spring Individual Merit March 2022.